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Since 1993£¬CCOEC has been engaged in overseas labor cooperation business and started to dispatch trainees to Japan and South Korea in 2000.Through years of successful operation ,labor-dispatching business has become one of the corporation¨@s mainstay businesses. CCOEC has cooperated with clients from Japan, South Korea, Hong kong, Macao, Singapore, Israel, Tanzania, Malaysia, UAE, Russia, the United States, ect. in labor sourcing and dispatching for wide-ranging industries of telecommunication, electronics, machining, construction, garment ,offshore fishery, food, aquatic-processing, agriculture and forestry ,printing, hotel service, gardening, etc.
Dispatching trainees to Japan is an integral part of the overseas labor cooperation business of CCOEC. The corporation had sent over 1,000 trainees of various kinds to Japan by the end of 2008.With our business partners from Hokkaido, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Nara, Mie, Fukuoka, Kyushu, Shikoku and etc, a sound and highly-efficient management system of trainees in Japan has been established.

The Company is signing an agreement with a Japanese group.

The Company assigns a team to visit trainees.

The trainees assigned to Japan by the Company are working.

The Corporation attaches great importance to management and quality of its labor-dispatching business and has developed a whole set of standard business process and supporting measures on project negotiation and contract signing ,personnel recruitment ,training abroad, exit procedures arrangement, labor-dispatching and afterward management. Regulation and rules on labor service cooperation are also made and followed in compliance with related laws and regulations of the state and of China International Contractors Association. The Corporation has achieved good reputation and appraisal from domestic and overseas partners in labor service cooperation .In 2003, CCOEC became ISO9001-2000 management system qualified in its labor and trainee dispatching business.

              Chefs assigned to Germany by the Company

                Chefs assigned to Germany by the Company


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