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As one of the national key companies engaging in the earliest foreign economic aid projects, the Company has serviced more than 100 countries and regions in five continents around the world, and participated and finished approximately more than 600 China's foreign aid projects since the establishment to date.. Furthermore, the company has won the praise from Chinese government and recipient governments.  

Foreign aid engineering projects 

The Company participated in and finished approximately 300 industry projects, covering light industry, chemical industry, textile, building materials, metallurgy, electric power, telecommunications, aviation and transportation etc.; participated in and finished more than 50 agricultural projects, including irrigation and water conservancy, food processing, agricultural implements manufacturing, tea and fishery etc.; participated in and finished nearly one hundred urban public infrastructure projects, including the movie theaters, cultural center, gym, health center, government building, the house of parliament, and colleges and universities, built a large number of high quality projects, and thus gained praise from Chinese government and recipient governments. In recent years, the Company has undertaken and completed a large number of foreign aid projects sponsored by Chinese government, including the aids in Eden of South Africa housing project, Dangmei area of east Ghana hospital project, China-Congo trade center project in Congo, the elderly activity center project in Mauritius and Benin stadium maintenance project etc.


Foreign aid material projects 

The Company has successively undertaken and finished nearly two hundred foreign aid materials projects for approximately more than 70 countries, with the materials covering grain, food, light industry, textile, machinery, electronics, science and education, office supplies, etc. In recent years, we have ever aided Cuba textile project for six times, with a total value of RMB 170 million; aided more than one hundred motor coaches for Pakistan, aided hundreds of police cars for Bolivia, aided road construction machinery and equipment project of over RMB ten Million for Mongolia, and aided medical equipment project of over RMB ten Million for White Russian. Besides, the Company organized emergency relief material aid projects for many times, overcame various difficulties, delivered the materials to recipient countries timely and safely, and finished the project well and efficiently. This year, the Company undertakes emergency humanitarianism material aid projects for Vanuatu and Nepal. 



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